A Few Words About Me

Nour utilizes her 15 years of experience as a workforce advisor, mentor, and influencer to inspire youth to make informed career choices that challenge the status quo. 

Nour Hachem-Fawaz wants to change global perspectives on women’s contribution to society. Inspired by her mother’s perseverance to excel in a male-dominated field, Nour dug deep into the ‘why’ behind the lack of women in skilled trades. She realized that the barriers keeping women out of these rewarding careers were common to other male-dominated paths and created a non-profit to encourage and empower young women to explore careers they may never have considered.

Nour’s challenge to listeners is that one must first address internal preconceptions before being capable of making significant strides that transform our work and world. A brilliant connector and facilitator, audiences are drawn to her candor and unique perspective from an extensive career in workforce development and her lived experiences as a woman of colour. She shares energetic stories of what leaders are doing right and offers real-world examples of how embracing diverse workplaces accelerates success.

Nour earned her Bachelor of Arts from the University of Windsor and expanded Build a Dream across Canada while completing her MBA, raising children, and earning many awards and accolades. She spends each day following her passion: creating equity not just in the workplace, but in all of the spaces around us.


Personal Qualities

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What People Say

“I've had the privilege of working alongside Nour on various community initiatives, industry & education councils, etc... Straight ahead, progressive thinking, and results oriented... Nour is always looking to help others succeed, and promote Windsor-Essex and it's hard-working people.”
Mike Bilton
Chair, APMA Tooling & Automation Group
"Nour is an inspiring role model, professional and visionary leading Build a Dream's board, staff, volunteers and building many long-term relationships with so many in the community."
Frank Abbruzzese
President, AlphaKor
"Nour's vulnerability shows real leadership and allows all women to feel more normal about their own struggles and allows for meaningful conversations to start."
Kristen Morris, MBA
Co-op & Workplace Partnerships, University of Windsor

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